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Infiniband implementation


Quinn Johnson

Jan 1, 1970

I am currently trying to set up an Infiniband protocol on a Virtex 2 Pro.
Therefore I use the dedicated multi gigabit transceivers (Rocket I/O s). My
problem is that after finishing the link layer and testing the
implementation in serial loopback mode I always get the error message from
my testbench program that the synchronization gets lost.
I already worked on several "standard" implementations and I often
encountered false descriptions in the standard paper. Since the
implementation is exactly based on the "Infiniband Architecture
Specification Release 1.1" I wonder if there is already a mistake in the
description? Or maybe there is another point that is not obvious I just
I would like to share my experience and knowledge with other developers who
are also familiar with the Infiniband protocoll and its implementation to
solve my problem. Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Quinn