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Infocus Projector Question


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Jan 1, 1970
Hi. I recently acquired an InFocus LP720 LCD projector. Good lamp with
low hours.

It works but has a color issue. I'm aware of the burned polarizer
problem that can happen on these, but I don't think that's the problem
here, because bright whites are white (not yellow) and grays are gray.

The problem is that mid to bright whites have a greenish cast. They seem
a little greener toward the right side of the screen, but only maybe by
20 percent. Overall, the whole screen is just a little greenish when
things are bright but not full white.

Does this thing have a hidden service menu from which I can adjust color
tracking, like on a CRT set? There are 3 LCDs, so I assume there's some
way to make the curves track. Or is it good ol' trimpots?

If there's a meny, please let me know how to access it. I have found
nothing on the net about getting into a service mode on these projectors.