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Information on common FET Driver protection Schemes



Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,

I have a question about FET Drivers

The kind of FET drivers that I am interested are used for driving
MOSFETs used for low voltage (<2V) high current (30A/phase)
environments at switching frequency from 300KHz to 1MHz. A typical FET
driver used widely in our applications is an ISL6594 and the LTC4441.,0,ISL6594A,0.html

1. What are some of the common schemes/circuits used by FET driver
manufacturers? I am especially interested in protection against:
a) Shootthrough
b) Over voltage
c) Boot-strap diode breakdown.

2. Where do I get information online about these common techniques.
While the unitrode lectures are very useful in gaining an
understanding of basics, it is a little outdated in terms of what is
available in the market.

Thanks in advance.