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Installing New System - Need CCTV Equipment Mfgr Recommendations

I am a "newbie" who is looking to install a new CCTV system in a
100,000 sq. ft office/warehouse facility. Based on what I am hearing
so far, we are looking for-

1) A 16 camera DVR with remote (LAN/WAN) viewing capability.

Unit's demo'd so far are:
* Pelco DX8000 DVR.
* Dedicated Micros Digital Sprite 2 DVR.

2) CCTV Cameras:
2.a) Approx 7 indoor cameras - (5 fixed, 2 with pan/tilt/zoom).
2.b) Approx 5 outdoor cameras - all fixed.

Unit's quoted so far are:
* Pelco PTZ and Fixed Wide Angle Lens Cameras.

I'm in a major metro (Los Angeles) so there is NO shortage of suppliers
/ integrators.

To be honest, I don't even know the key issues to drill down on. I'm
trying to ramp-up in the least possible time in order to make a "good"
decision and move on to the next project.

Can anyone in this group offer some ideas or suggestions on the key
issues of concern? Are there any key questions I should be asking?
Are the above manufacturers good? Which DVR supplier is better? Are
there other mfgr's equipment I should be looking at (Bosch/Phillips or

Any and all suggestions you can offer would be VERY much appreciated.
Best wishes!
DM is UK based and more expensive, look for a US based DVR like
Kalatel, or Pelco, or Phillips (Bosch). I have only ever used Kalatel
for high end jobs, and it is a great product, plug and play and stable
(non PC system, stand alone embedded OS). Pelco is PC based and runs
Windows 2000, as does Phillips as far as I know. DM is close to
Kalatel, a good embedded stand alone product also, but costs more, and
less features than the Kalatel.

If you want to get into the PC based DVRs (PC cards run on standard
PCs) then thats up to you, but be ready for the possible ongoing
software work involved. PC card systems can get you more features and
faster video recording, more audio inputs etc, so its up to you.
Personally I prefer a Plug and Play all in one system.

As for cameras, why do you need PTZ, will someone be watching all the
time? Or is it just for kicks for remote video etc?
Either way, always make sure you dont rely on a PTZ for a high risk
area, always install a fixed camera/s also.

Cameras such as Phillips Dinion, Kalatel Cam Plus, Panasonic, Sanyo,
are all decent high quality cameras. Panasonic has some great day night
wide dynamic cameras. Wide Dynamic is used, for example, for looking at
the entrance of a building looking out, or in a warehouse looking out
the roll up loading door. They prevent back lighting issues common in
those types of locations. Kalatel also has a great indoor wide dynamic
color camera. All manufacturers also have selections in Mini Domes
though the Pro cameras (boxed traditional type) give the best quality.

If you dont want to spend the cost on pro cameras, then you are left
with bullet cameras and mini domes, which are Okay also, just not as
good an image. I have installed these as well and some clients can
barely tell the difference. I always provide at least 2 options though
and give a demo and examples.

For some additional info why not take a stroll over to, there are tons of info there all geared towards
CCTV. You can post there also.


J. Sloud

Jan 1, 1970
Any and all suggestions you can offer would be VERY much appreciated.
Best wishes!

Pelco makes good equipment, but so does Bosch and others. PC based
DVR's can be subject to Windows O/S issues like any other PC. You
may want to consider an embedded unit like GE's DVMRe line. The
reliability may be better. Think about how long you need to store
video and the image rate at which you need to record. The most
expensive part of most any DVR are hard drives. Look at the
compression type and ease of networking/ archiving video. Look at
camera specs, specifically sensitivity (expressed in Lux with lower
numbers better), resolution (in TVL with higher numbers better), lens
size and optical zoom capability with PTZ cameras. Consider using
fiber optic cable for your longer runs. Get a few companies in to
give you proposals. Get them to bring the manufacturer reps with
Thank you very much for the insight.. and quick reply. Your comments
are very helpful.

Bye the way, is Kalatel now part of GE? When I go to,
a GE site comes up and I don't see any reference to Kalatel???

As for the PTZ's, they will be use to view the warehouse shipping and
receiving areas in order to view the activity levels during working
hours. However, at night the PTZ's will fix onto the dock doors to
then be motion sensitive. If this doesn't make sense, please let me

As for camera's, you didn't mention Pelco. How do their camera's rate
compared to the ones you mentioned? Also, thank you for mentioning the
Wide Dynamic camera issue. In our application, the incoming light thru
the dock doors will definitely be an issue!
And, I'll check out the cctvforum. Best wishes!
Yes, GE owns Kalatel now.

I honestly dont know anyone that uses the Pelco cameras anymore, but I
imagine they are okay as well, since they make good PTZs. I heard bad
things about their mini domes though.

Phillips has a PTZ system with auto tracking, its pretty cool.
Fiber is great, but if you cant afford it, look at using twisted pair
such as Active UTP from Also more expensive than simple
RG59 Coax but no video loss up to 1.5 miles, no interference and more,
also can utilize existing cat5 or twisted pair.
Dont forget to install a burglar alarm system also :)


G. Morgan

Jan 1, 1970
On 9 Dec 2004 13:10:16 -0800 "[email protected]"
used 15 lines of text to write in newsgroup:
I honestly dont know anyone that uses the Pelco cameras anymore, but I
imagine they are okay as well, since they make good PTZs. I heard bad
things about their mini domes though.

The United States government does.

G. Morgan

Jan 1, 1970
On 9 Dec 2004 23:01:50 -0800 "[email protected]"
used 2 lines of text to write in newsgroup:
Fort Knox uses Kalatel :))

It does? I've never worked in Kentucky. At least one Federal Reserve Bank
uses Pelco exclusively.
Yeah I think lots of Government agencies use Pelco, Pelco has been
around a long time so they just stick with what they have always used.
They have some good PTZs, and just about everyone supports their