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Instrument to detect start-up surge



Jan 1, 1970
I'd like to be able to determine exactly what the start-up
surge of power to an appliance (air conditioner)mite be. Not just
this appliance but any. The problem is this particular socket
works with most things in our house i.e.. vacuum cleaner, lites, radios etc.
But one a/c I have will always blow the fuse (on start up) on only this
Any other socket is fine. The problem is easily avoided, yes; all I need do
is switch a/c with a newer one I have that is energy efficient and probably
has some electronics designed to avoid problems like this.
However I got to thinking it would be cool to be able to measure
the start up current as well as consumption of electricity of any particular
device in my house. What would be the easiest, cheapest method to
accomplish this.
Any help would be appreciated.