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instrumentation amplifier single supply


Sep 23, 2016
Sep 23, 2016

So, I got this:

Obviously, it’s built around ina-333 which, according to the docs, can be used with a single-supply.
The module has Vref Vcc 3.3V and GND (
What is the right way to power it?????????

I have an idea what to do with 3.3 and GND, what should I do with Vref and Vcc??

Can I use a voltage divider for the Ref to begin with?? Here ( they say no but I’m not sure why……. And the suggested solution is too complicated to me.
Like I thought I don’t need any complex circuits because this is “a ready to use” module. Stupid me……

I do need it to work with negative and positive input voltages. Does it mean I cannot follow Figure 11 (page 10) from this doc:

ught,… how to wire this thing???