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Jan 1, 1970
Hell All,
I have a project that I need help on. I work on a ship with a very old
Raytheon ARPA Radar, 1965 or so. I am trying to install a remote
repeater for the radar. I have the wireing diagrams for the video card
inside the equipment, but everytime I hook up the cable my picture
looks very poor. I have Hor and Ver Sync and, but I have double video.
There is no scrolling in either direction. I believe it is because the
output of the Radar is using Interlaced Video and all the monitors I
have used/tried are interlaced. How can I make this work on a
non-interlaced monitor, where can I buy used cheap interlaced monitor.
Thanks in Advance.

Jerry Greenberg

Jan 1, 1970
All standard industrial baseband video TV monitors such that are used
for home video and security cameras should work with your radar
system. Your system, I am sure puts out pictures that are like that of
the standard video systems used at that time. Unless, they are using
their own propriotory system, which I doubt.

Your only other drawback is that there may be a frequency response
problem in what you did. You should looke at the video signal to see
if there is any high frequency loss, where it is occuring, and deal
with it.

Jerry G.