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Intermec ScanPlus 1800 (SR)


D Yuniskis

Jan 1, 1970

A 501(c)3 that I work with locally has a bunch of ScanPlus
1800 SR's that need to be interfaced via EIA232. It
*appears* that this is just a "cable change" (seems to be
a pretty common practice in that industry to tie the
interface to the cable instead of making different devices
with different interfaces, etc.).

At ~$50/each, this is a bit pricey for them. If the
"conversion" (I believe the current cables are for wand
emulation) is as simple as re-pinning the connectors,
then this is easy to do (even if a level translator must
be added).

But, no joy finding documentation for the connector in
the device (other firms like Metrowerks are pretty open
about this stuff).

I'd appreciate pointers that might shed some light on
the "proper pinout" for their "RS232 cable". Or, I guess
I could just put the device in that mode and start
probing signals... :<