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Hi, I have an assignment for an electronics class in high school. It
involves asking someone in the field some basic questions (not very
specific ones). If someone would be willing to answer the questions
below it would be much appriciated. They are specificly for a circuit
designer, but any electronics-related field would be fine.

1 Are circuit designers in demand?

2 Where could you get a job as a circuit designer? Which companies and
where in terms of location in the world/US.

3 What education would you need?

4 What would a typical day be like? Are you at a desk, in the lab...

5 How can I find out what this job is like? Are there any classes or
projects I could try that represent what you do, and give a hands on
experience of what life as a circuit designer is like.

6 Are these types of jobs moving overseas? If so, is there a similar,
related field that is still string in the US?

7 What benefits and vacation time are you offered?

8 What do you like and dislike about your job?

9 What is a typical starting pay for a circuit designer?

10 What would a typical pay be after ten years of work?

Again, Thank you, and my appoligies if this isn't a proper forum to
post this type of thing.