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Maker Pro

Introtech's door has re-opened for tech entrepreneurs

We're caught up, and have added staff and capacity.
Thanks for your patience.

Introtech is a business development company
specializing in pre-startups. For worthwhile
technology projects, we do appropriate
combinations of the following:

**Establish peace & agreements among the founders
**Perform patent searches
**Conduct technology evaluation
**Do market research
Incorporate the entrepreneur (CA/NV/DE)
Construct financial models, including NPV!
Develop business plan for INVESTMENT
Develop business plan for OPERATIONS
Write/submit patent application(s)
Create competent business presentation, literature, etc.
Negotiate with potential licensees, strategic partners
Find funding (equity, debt, rights, etc.)

**items are always on our nickel.
If our Board is sufficiently enchanted by your project,
we can continue on a 100% PAY LATER basis with no billing
whatsoever for fees or advanced expenses, unless/until
contractually-defined "success" has been achieved.

PAY NOW clients require limited business development or
consulting services, wish to avoid dilution, or are
funded sufficiently without our help.

Introtech's loyalty is always to success of the project.