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Is this board a good alternative to the PC?



Jan 1, 1970
I have seen the board described in this link.
I think that its a good solution to realize an embedded system with VGA
output, in that cases where, to use the PC, is not convenient.
I have seen that it's available also a dev kit to develop the code in C++
and it is not necessary to use an operating system.
How is it possible to work with a system without operating system?
You thing thought of it? Is it really a good product? Who has used this


Jan 1, 1970
Renato, what you see on that site is a specialty product which is of use
mostly in products which must have their own "embedded" computer inside
and which don't have room for a full sized motherboard. Typically
embedded system boards are
1) quite expensive relative to their power (more so even than laptop
2) very limited in their flexibility
3) not very extendable (if AT ALL extendable) in capability

To use such a board you must provide (as a minimum)
1) a case
2) a power supply
3) a video display device
4) a hard drive
5) an operating system
6) an input device (e.g., keyboard)

In short, an embedded system board is not a very good option to create a
custom personal PC. You can do it, but you would spend more than for a
similar laptop, you'd most likely end up with less capability than the
laptop, and it would be a lot more trouble for you.

Mark 'Sporky' Stapleton
Watermark Design, LLC