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ISO Distance Learning Programs In EE Based At Community Colleges


Steven O.

Jan 1, 1970
I am seeking information on any community colleges, anywhere in the
USA, that provide distance-learning (that is, Web-based, CD-based,
self-paced textbook study, etc.), for-credit programs of study in
electronic engineering. I really need community college based
classes, because costs are an issue. (The community colleges in
Maryland, where I am based, so NOT offer such classes, and UMUC does
not either. The nearest community college in Virginia does offer such
classes, but I have run through their distance learning course

I have already completed studies in basics of circuits and digital
design, but now need classes in transistor theory, basic analog
circuits (amplifiers, op-amps, oscillators, etc.) Please reply in the
newsgroups, or to the somewhat munged e-mail address below.

I have also tried searching the Web, and run into the usual problem --
too few key words, and I come up with thousands of possible pages, too
many key words, and I seem to eliminate too many pages. So, direct
leads from people in the know -- students and engineers -- would be
really helpful.

Thanks so much!

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