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Just When I Thought it was Going to Be Easy


Aug 30, 2018
Aug 30, 2018
Do you have a straight forward schematic I can look at?
At least a few.
these used to be most commonly built with bucket brigade delay lines.These would take a voltage sample in an internal capacitor, and use a clock affair to shift the sample to the next cap in line while taking another voltage sample.this would continue along a line of capacitors until the last one dumped the sample to output.
Clock speed would determine delay time. changes in clock speed would warp the pitch until the line cleared.
These are hard to find today and have been largely replaced by the PT2399.
The differences are that instead of analog samples conveyed along a line of capacitors, it's a digital sample conveyed along a line of memory. It's easier to use and retains the old pitch warp quirk that gave rise to chorus and flange effects.
It is not without it's quirks, in that it does not like being powered up while set to very high clock speeds. some have used a transistorized control circuit that charges up and sweeps to high speed / short delay at power up to avoid the freeze issue.
Optimum input signal has been found to be between 650 mV and 1 V. an op amp with a little bit of gain can handle this easily.
for not, the application example in the datasheet will get you started with it. we ca get cute later.