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JVC AV-20FD24 audio & video distorted on tuner

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Leonard Caillouet

Jan 1, 1970
I have a couple of questions on this unit. First, I wonder who is making
these for JVC. It looks just like some of the Toshibas and Funai units I
have seen, with an Orion CRT and a Samsung flyback. Second, I wonder if
anyone has a schematic online or a cross to one of the Toshiba models that I
might already have.

The problem is a distortion in the audio and video that looks like a bad
filter in the IF stage. Probing the tuner with an IF signal, I find a
couple of points that pick up the IF and give me exactly the same symptom as
RF input. This would lead me to believe that the tuner is not the problem
and the problem is farther down the signal path, but I am not sure of the
insertion point. If you have a schematic and can point me to the major test
points or send a copy, I'd appreciate it.

Pix and sound are fine on DVD or A/V imputs btw, and other functions seem