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JVC 'compulink' protocol question


Alex Bird

Jan 1, 1970
Can someone who knows about this please help...

I am trying to control an old JVC FM tuner via its compulink-1

I have read that the codes sent via compulink are the same as the
remote control codes. I have programmed the remote protocol (well,
the only one I could find) into WinLIRC and am transmitting it as 5v
pulses to the tuner.

It does nothing.

I have measured the output on the compulink connections when the tuner
is operated on a digital scope. It only transmits one code - when any
preset is selected. The pulse timings of these pulses are an order of
10 longer than the remote pulse timings I have found online, which
broadly agree with each other.

So I tried the remote codes with the longer timings, it still does

I've tried MSB first, LSB first, positive going, negative going...

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks for any help you can give,