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JVC Replacement Parts or Cross REF.



Jan 1, 1970
Okay, I am in the process of repairing my JVC AV-56WP84 Rear Projection
Television. I found component Q522 shorted which is JVC part number
2SC5904-RL. JVC wants $45.57 for a new one. It has been quite some
time since I repaired a television and I design electronic circuits for
a living. Since when does it cost that much money for a transistor?
So my questions are: 1. Where can I buy this component for a better
price? 2. Is there a cross reference I can use?
Here are some additional JVC part numbers I would like to cross:
1. D932 JVC part number 31DF6N-FC5 JVC wants $10.06
2. IC805 JVC part number STK394-220 JVC wants 48.94

Thanks for the help
How did the set fail? Convergence IC failure usually doesn't kill the
horizontal output. Q522
is the output transistor, you MAY have a high voltage capacitor, or
even the flyback MAY be bad, or just cold solder joints @ T 501
horizontal drive transformer. Also, check C 503 2.2 uf @ 50 volt cap in
the drive stage. Does Q522 measure shorted out of circuit? Change IC
805, & IC804 in pairs, & don't use generic IC's. Check CP934 circuit
protector ( ICP-N70-T), on the + 13.5 volt line. It's an IC PROTECTOR.

There are two versions of this T.V. AV-56WP84, or AV-56WP84HA ( HA
would be at the end of the serial number).
Look here: Mississauga, Ontario Canada.
2SC5904-RL is $31.97 each. Datasheet here:

Hope this hepls, Dani.


Jan 1, 1970
Hello Dani
I purchased this TV from a private party as non-working. I was told
that Q522 (2SC50804-RL) was shorded. When I took the set apart Q522
was missing. Currently when the set is turned on without this IC the
front LED turns on as normal, the speakers make some noise for a moment
and the screen is blank and all the CRT lamps are dark. So I believe I
need to replace this IC before I spend additional time troubleshooting.
I check most of the diodes (in circuit) with a meter and found D932
shorted which is JVC part number 31DF6N-FC5. So my plan for now is to
order Q522, D932 (Do you have a cross for D932?), IC804, IC805 and all
the parts you just recommended except T501. When these new parts are
installed I will start troubleshooting again. I am hoping nothing is
wrong with the lamps or Picture Tubes. I will also carefully check the
solder joints and PCB around T501.



Jan 1, 1970
My set is model number AV-56WP84. I am not sure what the difference is
when the HA is added.