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JVC TV C-2018, add channels to memory



Jan 1, 1970
This TV came in for an intermittent problem traced to bad joints at the
degauss thermistor.

However, while checking out the functions, I noticed that it skipped several
channels, and all those between 46 and 61 (cable). I don't have the remote.
The front panel has a "Function" button that brings up an on-screen menu
that allows selection of cable or air input and has a line "Channel Select".
I thought this latter might be an add/delete function, perhaps using the
volume up and down, or channel up or down buttons, but it does not work. (I
did try an One-for-All universal with it -- it works for routine
functions -- but that didn't help with adding the missing channels.)

Anyone know how to either reset the channel memory or to add/delete channels
on this older 1988 model. (Other than this, the set is fully functional and
has a great picture.)

Michael C.E.T.

(Please post reply, thanks)


Jan 1, 1970
I am having the same problem on my tv and haven't been able to fine a
I had a Panasonic set which had the same problem. I don't have it
anymore, so don't remember the model number; but when I did, I googled
this group to find it was a known problem caused by a bad chip in the

Likely you're looking at the same sort of issue.