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No sound, ordered a sound IC, non-standard, AN5277 I think.

Still no sound, and the sig board is two sided, so it is hard to
trace, so I got a print. Well that was about as helpful as a
screendoor on a bullfrog. It clearly shows a negative supply going to
the chip which requires a positive supply.

I'll email you the friggin schematic, that is what it says.

Useless, I wish I would've just stuck with it instead of getting the
print. I have already fixed a real bad one (probably lightning, the
SMPS was burnt down, and half of the standby feedback network) and did
plenty of convergence IC jobs.

Well the print is completely wrong, it must be if the thing ever had
sound and sure as shit it was. There was another source right next to
it and what pisses me off is I probably could've found it without the

It was a bad connection at the SMPS transfornmer. It looked perfect,
but there was no continuity.

I basically really found it with a continuity testeer, the thing that
goes beeeeeep. Remember you have to keep it on there for a few seconds
because of the caps don't charge, it beeps. I left it on this
connection for a good minute or more, and it continued to beep. This
was it.

Trouble was the connection, once you get the damn chassis so you can
see it, at the lower left of the SMPS transformer there is a
connection bad, and it looks good.

When the print is wrong, that is an attack. I repelled the attack by
fixing the set, so they don't sell a new one.

Think like that or die.


PS, reason I say that is that is this is their product, which they
designed and built. There is no excuse for their information to be