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l293d driver - power dissipation question



Jan 1, 1970
I'm working on a project that will use the L293d motor driver (maybe)
to control an electromagnetic output device drawing approximately
300ma at 24v ie about 7.2 W Datasheet says that the L293d has a total
power dissipation of 4w. In effect, does that mean that the power
dissipation of my outpu device will also be limited to 4w, or does it
mean that the driver's components can dissipate 4w through itself, but
this is separate from the power used by output device. eg the driver
might be using, say, 2w of power for its components to operate my
output device, which itself is using approximately 7w power

If so, how can I work out approximately how much power the driver
might use to operate an output device mentioned? Thanks in advance,