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laptop power fault: compaq presario C300EA

Then your illusion remains?

YOU are mistaken in your idea that electrolytics require a liquid

It does.

IN the product, based on common industry terms (except those who
misunderstood the basic terms).

You will find that the essential action that produces an electrolytic is the
formation of the dielectric 'oxide' layer by the electrochemical action.

Which is nonsense as an argument, because any cap has to have a
dielectric component.

The distinction is to contrast one cap from another, to state
electrolytic because it was part of a manufacturing process is grossly
different from the normal industry term meaning electrolyte in the
finished product.

There is no point in arguing over a definition. One either accept the
commonly used definition and communicates with the world or insists on using
a different definition and is frequently misunderstood.

Yes, that is exactly what you should do (and accept you learned wrong
and are now educated).