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Laser printer help

No, it isn't part two, a whole different issue. I read the other thread along with the admonishments about it not being quite as easy as it sounds. However I have a slightly different dilemma.

First of all this is my unit so if I screw the cartridge up so what ? I won't sue me, but I am leary about even buying one. This is an HP CM1312 whichis an MFP, that is probably in the model number but I am not looking at itnow. I bought it new in 2009. It still has the original cartrdges in it and the black is empty.

I know about the little chip and I have seen them on eBay along with some instructions on how to change them, that should be no sweat, however the wayI read it, when that chip says the cartridge is empty it will refuse to print. Is that correct ? It shows a little sliver on the meter but I know theblack is empty because it started fading. It says order black cartridge but then proceeds to roll a sheet through.

The chip obviously calculates the toner level somehow, or perhaps the printer does and the chip just IDs the cartridge, at any rate it says it is ALMOST empty. Under these circumstances I believe it should still print something, and I tried to print something with alot of color in it assuming that it would print the CYM portions but the image would be washed out.


All I see on the page is a few small dots, aligned vertically and they are just about microscopic. The distance between them seems to be approximatelythe circumferece of the roller, just eyeballing it. One way to describe itwould be an apostophe but in like 4 point size. Quite small. I know the theory of operation and at this point I figure that maybe there is just one bad spot on the roller.

I am an experienced tach so I am not afraid to work on it, and if the roller is actually bad then I have to buy a new one. I know there is a high voltage applied to this thing and it was in a very unfriendly environment. Constant smoking in not so big a room by multiple people practically all the time. Not air conditioned either.

Now without doing anything else it will probably "print" a few more pages. What are the chances that, due to the filthy environment (even the paper may have been dirty LOL) that it wrecked that roller and is now shorting out the HV ? This would explain why none of the other colors will print.

I see no error codes and I can't seem to find an actual service manual for it. The question is, IF the roller is shorted out would the HV shutdown or would it fry the HV generator and now I need one of those. You see these days, if you fix things, fuses and oversurrent protection are frequently too expensive to be in the manufacturer's budget.

So I am cinsidering something in the way of a test. It is obvious that the thing is not going to run with the black cartridge out. I am thinking that maybe I could somehow disable the HV connection to that cartridge and see if it will print the other colors. If so, I know I have to replace it and not even bother to refill it. If it doesn't print, that would be inconclusivebecause the HV generator could be fried, If so I will need that PLUS a newcartridge.

The other question about the cartridge, I know the ones they give you are "promotional" which means they are not really full. When I first got it I had friends who wanted to print stuff and I said "Go ahead, it's a laser printer, it'll take years to run it out of.....". So I expected to eventually have to refill it. However another question is whether the "promotional" cartridge is equipped with more pitfalls when refilling it than a regular one.

But knowing that I have further problems would help because then I wouldn'twaste the money. I don't like wasting money. In fact I bought a laser printer to save money.

It may not have gone quite according to plan.

Any help is appreciated. Given all this I can toast this gartridge if I have to, but I don't want to toast the whole printer.