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learning the tek 1240

i picked up a used tek 1241 logic analyzer. i followed
one of the "demonstration" setups in the three ring ops
binder and was able to see data and a pattern. with
this i made the assumption the machine is working (it
was sold as working.)

in an effort to get acquainted with it, i connected it
to the parallel port of a pc running a program that rolls
the lower three bits of the port. after several nights
of fiddling with it, i can't seem to get a display of the
port activity. the port is running pretty slow so that i
can see the leds connected to it. i've dropped the
timebase down to 500ms. i suspect i have something
wrong in the trigger and grouping.

does anyone have a "cheat-sheet" or some other set of
notes that might help me get off high-center?


Jan 1, 1970
Hi there,
I've the tek 1241 too, to start the acquisition you must config the
First of all go to the "Config" -> "Memory Config" menu and assign the
time base, the level type and the input polarity to the pod you use.
Then give the labels name to your pod's inputs using the "Config"-
"Channel Grouping" menu.
Go to the "trigger" menu and clear all the trigger events using the
"Delete Level" touch screen button until all the events are cleared.
Press the start button.
A new screen shows you "Running" and "waiting for trigger".
Press the "trigger" menu button.
After few seconds of "Processing data" message, you should have the
trigger screen back to the CRT.
Now go to the "Data" menu and select the page that shows the inputs
you used to monitor the signals.
This is the easiest way to acquire some asynchronus signals, but not
the best of course!

I also have the manuals (user and service with schematics) but they
are about 60Mbytes in size!
If you know an easy way to send them to you, I'll be glad to give them
to you.
Have a nice day.