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LED control chip?


Sep 8, 2013
Sep 8, 2013
Image attached, it's the 8-legged chip I'm trying to identify.

The board is a power supply taken out of the base of an E27 screw-in domestic lightbulb.

The closest I can get to ID'ing it by sight is:

1st line
Character 1: "C" or "E"
Character 2: "P" of "F"
Characters 3 thru 6: Definitely "1213"

2nd line
CD08614.. I think

3rd line:
Tn or Tx followed by;
followed by

Following the circuit best I can; the live feed from the AC mains bulb socket seems to feed in directly across a bridge rectifier parallel with a voltage dependant resistor. The output from the bridge then seems to go off into some kind of inductor / capacitor (filter?) arrangement with a dose of diodes, before being sent out to the "JXL1027" LED board which has 4 discrete high power LEDs on it.

There is a relatively big 47uF electrolytic, a 100uH choke, a tiny iron-core 2-terminal choke, and several small R's & C's.

Two diodes - one labelled S160 & one labelled SMAJ51A. Not sure how connected.

Grateful for any info on the circuit but especially the 8 leg chip.

If needed I coukld supply pics of t'other side of the board when the missus brings her camera back


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