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LED floodlight.


Clive Mitchell

Jan 1, 1970
For those who are interested, I've put up a design for an LED colour
changing floodlight on my site.

It uses 180 LEDs and fits in a standard 500W halogen floodlight case.

There's also a new version of the RGB controller with beefy MOSFET's and
a couple of buttons for choosing programs and options in a newer version
of the software that I'll release when I can be arsed completing it.
(Never ending improvements)

All the existing software on the page works fine, but doesn't use the

The sheer mass of LEDs used means that even the shitty ones available on
ebay can be used without worrying too much about the inevitable failure
of a random percentage.

I've made a couple of prototypes and they work a treat.

The Mighty I

Jan 1, 1970
I'm new to this group. This is my first post. Very cool site, Clive. Fun

Although you have used an industrial housing for your project, I do
appreciate the similarity to some of the CK designs. I would love to create
some knockoffs of their stuff. Has anybody found any loopholes through
their bogus patents yet?

I am especially interested in LED effects and accent lighting. I would
enjoy reading any other posts on the subject. I may not have a lot of
input. My background is mechanical engineering so my lighting and
electronics knowledge is limited.


Chris Isaacson