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LF component level service information for HP54201D (DSO)


Dave Dunfield

Jan 1, 1970

I am searching for component level service information on the HP54201D
"Digitizing Oscilloscope".

I have the HP "service manual", however it essentially says "connect the
scope to your HP diagnostic analyzer, hit GO and replace any boards
listed as failed". The only schematic in the entire service manual is for
the power supply.

I'm looking for more detailed information, specifically on the triggering
circuits - schematics, description of operation etc.

If anyone has pointers to such information, or experience with repair of
this scope at a level deeper than "board replacement", please let me
know - it's a great scope and I'd like to keep it going a bit longer...


Neil J. Harris

Jan 1, 1970
Unfortunately I can't help but I used to use one in the '80s because
no-one else could drive it.
It was part of my on-site kit and was usually set to 110v mains as
British Coal and British Steel etc. didn't like 240v extension leads
I went to get it one day and found it all neatly put away in its
carrying case something I could never be bothered to do.
I set it to 240v and switched on - no joy.
You can probably guess what had happened, but no-one owned up
They wanted 1200 UKPounds to replace the transformer so it never got
It was still in the cupboard when I left I don't know what happened to
it, the place has been knocked down for years now...

this tok ages to spel check perhaps i shouldn't have gon down the pup in
the middle of writing it...