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LG or Goldstar 43A10 TV problem



Jan 1, 1970
i have a Goldstar 43A10 rear projection TV, which has stopped working a
few days ago. The TV is about 9 years old, and has never had any
problems. After searching the internet a bit i think i've found that
the TV is either identical, or nearly identical to an LG or even
Toschiba version??

We were watching TV, and all of a sudden the picture went very quickly
pychedelically black, all within about 1/2 second.
Now when we try to turn it on, with the remote or cycle the power
button on the back, it seems likes it attempts to turn on, a click
occurrs, then a few seconds (3 or 4) go by, and then another click
occurrs and it stops, i.e. does not turn on.
During this process the red standby light on the front turns off (as if
the TV is turning on) and then goes out again, as if the TV went back
on standby.
I've opened up the unit and can tell that the clicking is occurring on
the right side (viewed from the rear of the TV). Looking from the rear
into the TV there are seemingly two major circuit boards, one on the
right side and one on the left.
So, i'm searching for any help or tips on this. Unfortunately as we
are living in Germany at this point, finding a proper repair shop for
this rather exotic unit is difficult.
I wold appreciate any help on this.......