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LG surround system 3200watts (Model-CM9940)

Sherock Denuga

Nov 8, 2017
Nov 8, 2017
Hi guys, would like to ask if anyone has solved "D-PROTECTION" for LG surround system, MODEL-CM9940.

My sound system has been working realy great for almost a year.
Ive been really carefull with all my connections to speakers and is in a well ventilated area.
My surround systen was not used for about a week.

Last week was working great then switched off power and disconnected it from main power. (Never disconnected speakers)
Wanted to use it today and D-PROTECTION showed on the display.

Let me know if anyone solved this issue please, or let me know where to buy new part.(PCBOARD etc...)

I have a background on electrical and airconditioning circuit boards.

Thank you all in advance and please email for any information.

Sherlock Denuga
[Edit] E-Mail and phone number removed. Please use the forum or a private message to get in touch.
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