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Lithium Ion Battery and RoHs


Martin Riddle

Jan 1, 1970
I have some European colleagues who say that CE stands for Can't
Enforce. But you really should make things ROHS if you want to sell
them in the US or Japan.

If it's not ROHS, then it isn't. Maybe it has lead solder joints

Lithiums now need explicit overcharge/short circuit protection, which
is a fairly new requirement. Even if a shorted battery does nothing

Batteries are covered under a different directive.

I think ELV and WEEE directives take care of the disposal aspect.



Jan 1, 1970
ROHS is not enforced, and there are exemptions e.g. Control and
Monitoring equipment (yes very useful :))

The real issue is if you are sent a form to fill in by a large
customer which actually asks you to state there is no lead and sign
it. They are not legally entitled to do that IF you can use the
exemption but they are free to do it in a business context e.g. they
are free to insist the product contains no copper...

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