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Load panel terminology: stab?



Jan 1, 1970
DJ said:
Ok, that's clear. The metal tab is the stab, it connects to two
Actually, to clarify that a bit, it's a non additional hardware
required bonding connection. In other words, It bonds to the electrical
bus/rail with out means of additional hardware. Like nuts,screws and
bolts etc..
Spring loaded fingers on the device or a straight blade being
inserted into a fixture that has the tension bonding terminals or

Hence the word "STAB", to insert under pressure. Does not matter which
side has the actual tension bonding body. It's just the protruding
bonding object to be inserted, is the stab.

There are breakers that do not use STABS. They are electrically bonded
via screws, bolts and various other methods. These types require the bus
to be cold when doing so, unless you want to live dangerously. Most
Disconnect devices can provide you this kind of protection how ever,
it's been noted several times that these devices can fail, to fully
isolate the disconnected termination's. Caution should be exercised,
fully testing to verify a system is fully de energized and locked out
using you're own person locking system that you are in control of.

Rich Grise

Jan 1, 1970
Its a BUS BAR or a BUSS BAR, dumbass.

Well it could be a bare assed bus bar...[/QUOTE]

Don't pay any attention to Michael - he's just an angry old coot.



Jan 1, 1970
krw said:
"Buss" is short for "Bussman", which is a brand of such things, hence
a proper name. Yes, "Buss bar" is a proper name for one brand of bus
bars. "Buss" is kinda like "Xerox". With a lower case 'b', "buss" is
a kiss.

And if you ever try to buss a bare bear in Buss's bar, that's
one too many.