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Locate specific pin on PCB


May 2, 2021
May 2, 2021
Noob here. Watching YouTube videos and have acquired several old laptops in hopes of making a "Window" for my GF new art studio.
The video's make this seem deceptively simple. but here I am...

I am looking for a few specific pins to covert this older LDC backlight into a light for my desk. I need to find the PWM, LED-EN, VLED and ground. It looks like the ground is the base of where the connection plugs in. I can solder to that I think. I also see a PWM, but then I don't see any pins labeled what I need and the "Legend?" in the white box. And there is a table for LED-EN that I cannot seem to figure out what it is referring to. Then there is the LED PWM label as well.
I made a composite image of the whole board. I hope that was helpful.

Can someone hope me decipher this board? I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!


  • PCB AUO B140RW02 V1.pdf
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  • PCB B140RW02 v1.jpg
    PCB B140RW02 v1.jpg
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