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Looking for a D/A converter that has very low settling time AND sources current


Zhong Pan

Jan 1, 1970
Hello friends,

I am a graduate student struggling for my degree. :)
In my project I need a very fast D/A converter that has a settling
time close to 1ns and a propagation delay close to 1ns. I've been
using AD9731 from Analog Devices. It works well, but because it
sinks current, it creates some difficulty for my design. I need
one that sources current.

I searched almost all the D/A products from Analog Devices and cannot
find a good candidate. In my search I found that a lot of new ultra-
fast D/A converters are actually not "fast" in terms of the settling
time and propagation delay. Multi-channel input, clock multiplying
etc. were used to increase only the MSPS number. Since my application is a
single-channel, simple-minded digital value -> analog control current
type, I would like something that is simply fast without tricks.

Anybody can give me a hint where to look?? This is very important to
me. Thank you so much!!!