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Looking for a suitable DC -DC buck conveter topology


Sep 11, 2019
Sep 11, 2019

Answer this post who knows Power Electronics well.

Take a look my buck conveter in attachment.


It has following properties,

1. Input is 120 to 160 volt DC/ 30 Amp.
2. Output must be 110volt/30 amp(maximum). +- 5% regulation( contineous output should be 20 amps)
3. Isolated in both input and output circuit.

4. Shunt sensing.

5. proper feedback.

6. PWM switch

7. May be soft switching.

8. May be 70-90% efficient.

Can you feel anything clear from it?

1. Input coupled inductor protects the switch?

2. For the ON/ OFF of switch( Mosfet/ igbt/)
, free whiling paths is notiable.

3 . More simple that might not require ZVS, ZCS?

4. Gain equitation can be possible to find.

5. Interesting to see how the parallel capacitor shows the advantage.

6. For this kind of high current application, not sure the switch would be long lasting or the inductor size!

7. If its resonant then are you considering the whole coupled inductor Lr at a time ?
In this whole circuit, can you see more LC? If the switch S is terned ON, Lr1 pole gets positive while Lr2's pole is negative, at this point what benifit from Lr1 and Cr we are getting? At this moment load can see the "input impedance ?
8. Describe the power loss .

What do you think sir?