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Looking for Agilent Infiniium 548XX software version A.04.36



Jan 1, 1970

I'm looking for version A.04.36 (or possibly later as long as your scope
is running Win95 or Win98) of the software. You can find out what version
you are using with a mouse connected to the scope by selecting Help, About
Infiniium from the tool bar. The three files I need can be found in the
\scope\bin folder of the hard drive; you may have to set windows explorer
to show hidden files to see them. The .exe files need all begin with

The following scopes would be good candidates: 54810A, 54815A, 54820A,
54825A, 54845A. Agilent no longer supports these scopes, so I am unable to
get it from them.

This is the first version of the software that will work properly with the
infinimax probes and a 54845A if your acquisition board is part
#54845-66538. My scope currently has version A.04.30 (upgraded from
A.03.72.08) which is giving me problems saving the cal data - there's a
service bulletin on this problem which tells you to use version A.04.36

My email is 66gtojayw AT