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Looking for formula



Jan 1, 1970
I wonder if there is a formula or rule of thumb for what makes a good "hot
button" topic for discussion.

I noticed that bomb making, newsgroup netiquette, Tesla's Electric Car, and
electric shock got a great deal of play.

Howard Henry Schlunder

Jan 1, 1970
You might start researching by taking a look at what the professional troll
posing as "Tom R. Rastell" has created [[email protected] ].
Don't jump to any conclusions about Mr. Rastell's character though. He is a
newcommer to Usenet under this alias, and I'm fairly confident that a real
Tom R. Rastell exists with the same email address, but he isn't the one
posting those messages. Most likely someone who has a grudge against Mr.
Rastell is creating the messages.

in message news:[email protected]