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Looking for help designing an electronic device



Jan 1, 1970
I've an idea for a USB-based device that would relate to mass storage. The
device would probably need to be built from scratch, but I do not have the
required knowledge, so I am seeking external help.

But I'm not sure what type of a person I am looking for to build that
device for me according to my spec and whatever advice that someone would
provide. Are they supposed to be electrical engineers? What skills should
they have mastery of?

Lastly, and most importantly, are there any places where I could search for
such a contractor without attracting a lot of wrong candidates? I know of
Craigslist, but I am sure I would be inundated with many "think they can do
it all related to 'puters" type of people. And placing an ad on monster,
et al is expensive both in money spent and time sifting through the

Also, I'd prefer to find someone local to me (NYC).

I appreciate any pointers.