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Looking for IC901 (CXD9528S) micro or scrapped chassis for Sony/Dell 17" flat CRT


Jason D.

Jan 1, 1970
Looking for a micro IC901 (CXD9528S) from scraps.

Happen to have Dell/Sony P780 (flat crt 17") or other two kinds whole
chassis or in parts? The IC901 micro on mine isn't pulling the power
controls high (pin 6 and 24). The micro's xtal is oscillating at
24MHz. IC marking: CXD9528S for example and I2C bus activity is

Goes by SCC-L29C-A (CPD-G200), SCC-L29S-A (CPD-G200P) or SCC-L29B-A
(P780). All are based on D99 chassis.

Different programmings in micro from different models on D99 is fine.

Power flow way it is designed, micro controls the SMPS mode both
indirectly and directly via a small power trysistor effectively
shorting 180V and 13V lines together for low power mode. This also
shuts off 12V & 5V feeds for the other two ICs (deflection ICs).
Pulling these power control lines high will cause SMPS & turn on 12V
regulator to run at full, powers rest of monitor.