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Looking for information on SGRAM and GDDR

I'm researching the difference between SGRAM and GDDR and their
counter parts SDRAM and DDR RAM.

Browsing the manufacturers' websites, it isn't clear but is GDDR-1
what used to be called SGRAM? Or, because of the introduction of GDDR
memory the manufacturers have phased SGRAM out and dropped it from
their web sites?

One of the differences I have found is that these graphic memory
devices offer a way of clearing the memory (erasing the screen) and
blitting sections of the screen. What other advantages do they offer
compared to their conventional counter parts?

If interfacing a SGRAM or GDDR RAM device to a FPGA device are there
any special considerations that need to be taken compared to SDRAM or

If you know of any good references that go into the application and use
of SGRAM or GDDR, could you pass it on?

Derek Simmons