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Looking for RF Driver design or designer



Jan 1, 1970

I'm looking for an individual or company capable of doing a state of the art
design for an RF Driver capable of driving an acousto optic Q Switch. There are
a few designs on the market, but most are really old designs and we are looking
to manufacture our own device so we can control delivery/quality. Basic driver
specs are;

24, 27.12, 40.68, 68 Mhz (not all in one design, separate drivers)
50-100 watts output adjustable (I also want a design variable from 10-20 watts)
50 ohm output impedence
modulation from 200 hz to 50 khz.
pulse killer circuity
internal modulator, but external capable
on-off time adjustable between 5-20 micro seconds
fast rise/fall time
120-220VAC, 50-60 hz.
thermal shutdown
VSWR & Over power shut down adjustable

We are looking for either a company willing to build this specifically for us
or an individual capable of just doing the design, either then entire packaged
device, or just the PC Board. We could design the mechanics of the box, power
supply, etc.

Are you capable, or do you know of anyone able to do this kind of work? I would
appreciate any input.