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Looking for someone to build a couple prototypes-- will pay


Steve Wicklund

Jan 1, 1970
Hello there;
I am looking for someone to build two prototypes for me. Both items
are fairly simple projects, and would be good for someone in college,
or recently graduated. Looking to have two functional prototypes
built, where aesthetics, cosmetics, and etc are not an issue. The
first item involves a motion sensor with a range of no more than
pehaps 10 feet, a visual indicator (Led), and a very short range radio
transmitter (range of less than 2 feet). The second item to be
prototyped involves a motion sensor, an audible alarm (similar to fire
detector), some fairly basic logic as to when the alarm sounds, and
encased in a fairly small housing (smaller than a fire detector). Both
items to be built will driven from a battery.
Both items are proof of concept items, and I am not currently needing
final component selection, final encasement, etc details handled.
If interested in giving me a bid/estimate on one, or both of these
projects, please contact me via email, and I will send more details.
[email protected]