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Looking for the MAX620



Jan 1, 1970
Subject: Looking for the MAX620
From: [email protected] (yui)
Date: 5/27/2004 10:22 AM Central Standard Time
Message-id: <[email protected]>

I want to design a H-Bridge motor driver using N-channel MOSFETs in the high
So I find the IC MAX620 (quad high side MOSFET drivers).
Data Sheet(

But, I cannot find the store which sells the IC on the net.
Would you tell me the store?

If you can live with the SOIC package, Maxim has them in stock for up to 100
quantity. They don't seem to have the DIP package in stock.

WSO (Wide SOIC - 300 mil)

All you need is a credit card -- Maxim is remarkably helpful, and as fast as
you need them to be (you pay for shipping, of course). If you are willing to
pay for the privilege, you can get one on your desk tomorrow morning. They've
bailed me out big time more than once. It's becoming more common for IC
manufacturers to offer expidited engineering quantities by credit card -- you
should always check the possibility of that source before you punt. Maxim was
one of the first, and they're one of the best.

You should also consider the fact that none of the mainline distributors of
Maxim product carry this in stock. That doesn't necessarily mean the product
is obsolete, just that it's "mature". At best, you might have to deal with 7
week plus lead times on this part for the life of the product. At worst, you
might be tying your design in to a part that's becoming obsolete shortly. If
this is a design for something that's not just a "onesie", you might want to
get in touch with the folks at Maxim and ask. You also might want to consider
if another Maxim product, or even something from another manufacturer, which is
available off the shelf, might fill the bill.

Good luck