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Looking for Toshiba remote schematic



Jan 1, 1970
I'm getting the impression that not even the service manuals have diagrams
for the remotes! I'd love to see a schematic for the CT-9946, but almost
any modern Toshiba TV remote schematic would probably help.

It's not just the forty bucks, this would be the first personally-owned
remote I couldn't repair in over thirty years.
I have NEVER seen a schematic for a remote control on any consumer
electronics device service manual since something like 1990. They
simply are not available.

All modern remote controls consist of pretty much a pre-programmed
microcontroller/ remote signal generator, the crystal, a few resistors
and capacitors, the IR LED, and the circuit board which double as the
keyboard with the rubber keypad with the conductive carbon sprayed on

Troubleshooting it amounts to checking to see if the xtal is running
and verifying the key presses by watching the light out of the IR LED
(with a video camera). Placing a regular LED across the IR led will
tell if everything except for the IR LED was working.


Jan 1, 1970

Just fixed a Toshiba a while back crystal and LED were fine, had a bad
cap, 25uf @ 10V or 10uf if I remember correctly. Dug one out of a
junked hard drive, I do remember that it had quite a few descrete
components. Just fixed our remote, wife managed to get lemonade in
it, she said don't ask, guess it fell into the container. I took it
all apart, rinsed it out, blew it off and put it under a lamp for a
few hours to dry out. Just took it upstairs, that remote works fine
now as well. Does it work any channels at all? I built up a tester
years ago, the Toshiba remote put out signal, must of been 'shifted'
by the defective cap, it didn't work correctly, it would only work
once or twice after pulling the battery for a couple of hours, put it
in and it would work only a couple of times before dying. look close
at the board for leakage around the base of all of the caps. Good


Jan 1, 1970
I have many used ones any numbers on the remote?