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low current high voltage (~280 volts) from 6 volts DC

What would be the simplest way of getting ~280 volts (doesn't have to be exact anywhere from 250 to 300 would be fine) from 6 volts dc or some other low voltage? The high voltage will be used to charge a capacitor so it can be low current and not steady.

Could I perhaps use a boost converter?
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try to get hold of an old disposable camera. They created around 300V from a single AA battery.

You may be able to find related schematics on the net to do the same thing.
ok I will do that, I have another question, The thing I am using this for will also have a fly back on it and I plan on using the flyback to trigger a flash tube, would there be any adverse effects to having the HV coil on the flyback connected at the same time a ~300 volts pulse is running through the tube? I am just wondering whether it will try to go through the flyback. The flyback coil would have quite a higher resistance than the flash tube so it should stick to the flashtube if I am correct.