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Low voltage LED lighting



Jan 1, 1970
Ecnerwal said:
Conduit. Then whatever wire you need, later, you can run, later, with no
fuss and no need to figure it out when you are still putting wallboard
on. Useful stuff, especially since you appear to be heading for having
to roll your own system in order to get what you want.

and in a different post:

Plenty of buyers that won't even notice that their LED lights are
inefficient, so long as it says "LED" on the package and they are sure
that means it's efficient, or new, or what's in the design magazines, or
what the Jones's they are trying keep up with got last week. If there
isn't a "Lumens per watt" figure easily findable, you can bet it isn't
too good.

Some customers may be like Ed, and don't want it to be
efficient, so they can maintain the dream of setting each LED "just so"
by altering its individual resistor.

That is a misrepresentation.

You misunderstood in another similar thread (on seb) where you
attacked my post, and did not respond to my reply there.

You have absolutely *NO* idea what I want or do not want. Nor do
you any legitimacy when you misrepresent what another person posts.