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Lowest Power >10 Baud Wireless Transmitter/Receiver Transciever ?



Jan 1, 1970

I would like to set up a low power transmitter/receiver pair to
wirelessly send low rate data through a car dashboard, about 1byte
sent once a second. The receiver above the dashboard will be powered
by two AA batteries with 3500mAh total capacity and should last for at
least 1 yr => <400uA average drain total, however I would like to
achieve <100uA average drain if possible (power is also required for
the Rx uC circuit).

If the Tx/Rx pair operate for less than 10ms every second then the
average current drain during operation can be as high as 10mA (for
100uA total average) etc. The Tx and Rx devices require relatively
fast power up/down times, ideally less than 2ms each. The receiver
will operate continuously until it locks on to the Tx cycle and will
then only operate to cover the Tx time segments (a low power clock/uC
circuit will control the Tx & Rx).

The range is obviously very low, about 1m maximu.

Can anyone suggest a low cost low power solution ?

Thank you,