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LXI series tv channel 4 issue



Our cable box uses channel 3 with no problem. My dvd player uses
channel 4, big problem. I dont have the remote, however I have tried
to auto scan channel and tried both on air and cable using the menu
button on the front. I still cannot get the tv to change channel to
use the dvd player. We had it set at one time and then I messed it up
and am trying to get it back.
I did a google search and tried the suggestions I found without
success. Any help would be appreciated.
I even have tried to use the universal remote from the cable box and
can get it to turn on and off and volume control, still no luck with
the channels.
Thanks for the help
You need to try a different code with your cable box universal remote.
or ....
Go to WalMart, KMart, Radio Shack, etc...... get a cheap universal
remote control, program it for your specific television, and then you
can "enter" your desired channels with the numeric keypad on the
remote. No more than $9.99 ..... sometimes as little as $4.99 on