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Magnavox mdl RS2568C602 27" TV circa 1993



Jan 1, 1970
Hey, guys
Aforementioned TV has resistors R504 and R524 burned beyond
recognition. Can anyone help me out with the values of these
components? Looks like C432 is about to blow its top as well.


Ol' Duffer

Jan 1, 1970
Don't have schematic handy to look up the specific resistor
numbers, but pretty common for 130V supply filter to go bad.
Replace with low-ESR 100uF 200V or 250V. When this cap goes
bad, regulation is lost and the horizontal drive supply
resistors run hot and de-solder themselves. There is some
variation in value depending on model, but most of them are
68K. These resistors will take a lot of punishment, and
usually survive even if the printing is burnt off. Check
the value, replace if necessary, or at least clean the leads
and pads and re-solder.

Damage may propagate further into the circuitry if left playing
in this state, but most of the time it is sufficient to replace
capacitor, clean and re-solder resistors.