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magnetic shielding



Jan 1, 1970
I hope it would be fine to ask this question here. Seeing you people
discuss this topic so furiously..., I remembered that my monitor shows
some sort of color fadings or such things when it faces East. In all
other directions, I have checked this myself. This is an LG
Studioworks 15" color monitor purchased in Feb 2002.

That is the magnetic field of the earth interplaying with your
aperture grill, offsetting the color, and convergences.


Jan 1, 1970
Any object that can retain a magnetic field (such as ferrous metals or
the shadow mask of a CRT) can become slowly magnetized by the Earth's field.
When a television or video monitor is left in one position for an extended
period of time (from months to years), it becomes magnetized in a manner
that is parallel to the natural field lines passing through or around it.
When you rotate or move the monitor, now its field and the Earth's field
are no longer aligned and the colors will shift. Degaussing the monitor
usually cures the problem. If not, get a larger degaussing coil and do it

There are certain directional orientations in some regions of the
world that never allow a "cure".


Jan 1, 1970
The cause of wavy lines is the scan coil magnetic fields from one
monitor reaching another monitor . A magnetic screen is required that
has a high permitivitty to magnetic fields. (beware saturation if too
I imagine highest quality monitors have such a screen built in.
Mine does not .
Most do not.
The cheapest solution would be to rotate the monitors for minimum fields
in the relevant direction.
Alternatively buy TFT monitors.