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Mains powered outdoor delay switch



Jan 1, 1970
Since pneumatic or mechanical delay switches with outdoor fitting kits
are extortionately expensive, I was wondering if anyone had a good
circuit for making my own...

Ideally a single button press would start a delay timer that activates a
light for a few minutes (to light the way from the garage to the house).

I'm happy enough with digital electronics but my analogue is weak.. it
seems like there should be a way to use mains only for this, with a triac
or SCR to switch the load (<1000W) and some sort of rectified feed to a
CR circuit to do the timing. I'm sure there must be a better way...

The issue of it being outdoors (basically replacing a dead pneumatic
weatherproof switch) is also a problem, but making a sealed rainproof box
with a suitably rated momentary switch shouldn't be too difficult.

Any ideas?

(I've seen the motorised timers in an earlier thread but they were 110V
and in the US - I'm in the UK on 240V 50Hz).


Oct 21, 2006
Oct 21, 2006
replace the switch with a reed switch or optical isolator. so on a rainy day or foggy day you don't kill yourself.