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making energy save compliant monitor stay on ?



Jan 1, 1970
I am looking to find a way to get some mid-1990s PC monitors to display
a raster without shutting off. At present I am experimenting with a
proview md-455, but also have some JEAN and IBM units. The proview has
a small connector (p902) which takes some of the connections from the
vga cable and goes to the mainboard, with pins labelled H V GND and ST.
So far i havent tried bridging any of those as I dont have a schematic.

Ideally i want have the monitor stay on without the need for connection
to a cpu, seems like most modern-ish units sense the horizontal or
vertical signal from the graphics card. I'd like to know about any
models which have some kind of service mode or jumper to remove the
need for this input.

thanks, Ben