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Mathcad 2001 and PDEs?


Steven O.

Jan 1, 1970
I am considering purchasing Mathcad 2001 (not the latest release,
Version 11, but the one before that), and I have posted a few
questions regarding that purchase. I have one more question...

I wanted to know if Mathcad 2001 can provide closed form solutions for
at least some partial differential equations. I posted this question
several places including Mathsoft's own "collaboratory" (their
user-helping-user Web site). One or two people responded in the

However, Mathsoft's own people claim it does not. I know that
sometimes tech support people are not always 100% accurate even about
their own products (especially one that they no longer support or
sell). And I'm just cynical enough to think that they might even
deliberately mislead me, in an effort to get me to buy the latest
version of the product. (I will not buy MC 11, because it requires
Product Activation...)

Anyway, the question is, can someone confirm that MC 2001 (not 2001i,
but just 2001) does or does not provide closed-form solutions to PDEs?
(I understand it won't solve all such equations, but it would help if
it at least has the ability to solve some such equations, and related
boundary value problems.)

Thanks in advance for all replies.
Steve O.

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